Monday, October 22, 2018

Neon Sign for my office

For a long time I had this desire to make this neon sign for my office. I would Google "Neon sign" companies and use their "Contact us" link, but I would never hear back from anyone. I saw a cool Geek and Sundry episode featuring Felicia Day I found the studio where that all happened:  I contacted Lili Lakich and she immediately got to work. Once the sign was done, I realized I had not given much thought about shipping it to me (California is 3000 miles away). It's fragile and made of glass. I spun my wheels a lot with traditional trucking firms, UPS etc., and then I stumbled on It's like the Uber of moving your packages, powered by people driving various places, with space in their car. They even offered full insurance.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Facebook ads along the right side......

Facebook ads along the right be the judge....

Thursday, February 09, 2012

I had this dream about breakfast....

So, I am dreaming and in my dream I am really hungry for breakfast. I wake up (and I really am hungry!) and I look at the clock and realize: Cool, it's still early enough I can go out for breakfast, but somehow I fall asleep again and pick up on the dream where I left off (weird). Now there is this guy there, I don't know him, but the whole time I am thinking I want to go out for breakfast but I don't want to mention it or I will have to buy this guy breakfast and I only have $10 in my wallet (for real!) and I don't want to go to the bank first and I awake a 2nd time and I realize...HEY there's no guy, it's just me! I can go out for breakfast !

Gmail broken on Chrome in Standard mode....

I have a Windows 7 32 bit machine that I run the Google browser Chrome on. I always have 20+ tabs open and the first one is always Gmail. For several months now, my machine would be unresponsive on first use of the day (I never power down) and occasionally Chrome would tell me that it was the Gmail tab on the browser that was causing the problem (it would display the "Oh Snap..." box). I tried everything computer-wise to sort the problem out. I had Task Manager running to observer processor load and memory. Nothing worked. Then I stumbled on the fix: Run Gmail in HTML mode! My machine has been as good as gold since that change. I don't like the HTML mode nearly as much, but no more slow downs or browser crashes!

Friday, December 03, 2010

3rd Holly dream....

In this third dream about Holly, I have cut Holly's head off and I have her hanging upside down like a chicken (thanks for the child hood image from the farm Uncle Ernie!) and Tammy comes in and says something like "Hey you just killed Holly!" but I maintain that " I haven't, Holly has a bad heart and I am installing this artificial heart, as I glance down at the instructions once more". Suddenly I realize that I have skipped a step and that I wasn't supposed to start with cutting the head off yet!. The colour drains from my face (even in my dream this happens). It's that fleeting moment of panic when you realize you just did something really dumb that is going to have an impact. Then I wake up. Why do I have these dreams?

2nd Holly Dream

So I had a 2nd dream about Holly. This time I open the front door and Holly races out to where the railroad tracks are straight into a train that is going by (apparently I have railroad tracks right outside the front of my house in this dream). I hear only 1 yelp and she is down. When I go to investigate, Tammy is calmly scooping her up (Holly looks like flat beaver roadkill) using a large shovel and putting her into a garbage bag (no tears of loss). I am mortified in the dream, because I thought Tammy was scared of spiders, and here she is taking care of this scene? Then I wake up. I try to recall: Have I watched a horror/thriller movie lately? Nope.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I had this dream about Holly....

Well, I had this dream about Holly (my mini schnauzer) and just the week before I had purchased some new knives, and I was cutting myself just washing them, they were so sharp. In my dream I see Holly cut in 2 halves, just like a Ham hock. The kids are playing with the front half. There's Holly standing on 2 legs, cut in half (no blood) and the kids are scratching her behind the ears but they have my new Chef's knife in their hands. I come upon the scene and I say "Hey you guys, what are you doing? You cut Holly in half!". The kids protest "We were scratching Holly with the knife, and she liked it!". What a weird dream!  The image in my dream of Holly cut in half, looks just like this painting by Luke Chueh. Check out his website, his art is incredible. For some strange reason Blurburger reminds me of Lukes site. I am a big fan of both now. =)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Teasing Holly....some more

I have just come in the door with 2 pizzas, and as you can see Holly is waiting near the food. Normally, I would grab some pizza and high tail it downstairs and Holly will follow me (the Alpha dog) very closely at my heels, extra super fast (maybe she thinks I will out run her somehow?). Today was different: I ran downstairs with nothing in my hand (I was going to come back up and grab some pizza in a sec) and I noticed she did not follow me. That's odd! She always follows me when I do that dash downstairs after food has made it's appearance? I didn't have a plate in my hand tho'...Hmmm, do you think that was how she "knows" that I have food? Could I fool her, if I dashed downstairs with an empty plate? Drum roll...YES. Haha psych'd you out Holly !

Friday, April 30, 2010

Teasing Holly....

OK, so I was making lunches for the family last night and I was cutting up some Kielbasa and I would flip a piece here and there over at Holly. One piece of Kielbasa landed right on the back of her neck and Holly knew I threw her something, but she couldn't find it! So she checked and double-checked the floor all over the kitchen, pacing back and forth sniffing extra hard. To make matters worse, her nose was telling her that this food item is very close by, as you can see in this action shot..... (in fact all the pictures I took of her were blurry because she was moving so fast!). I was naughty and let her look for it for 15mins before I helped her out. She really didn't seem all that relieved after it was all over, but I had fun. I have never laughed making lunches before. =)